reefer chickMedical and recreational marijuana, also referred to as “Reefer” is heating up like a California wildfire. Hell, people are willing to voluntarily pay taxes on it. Too many people with smiles and the giggles. Reefer Stocks provides easy access on the soothing topic of legal weed company stocks.  To forward this budding industry there are several publicly traded companies willing to service and profit from this grey area yet very green market. The majority of these companies are penny stocks, traded on the pink sheets and over the counter markets.

Not gonna lie, this is not the best chronic stock website out there, however we know the way. Clicking on any of the company tickers will take you directly to the StockPricesNow Marijuana Cannabis Stock Page.

Several once small companies like Growlife, Inc (PHOT), Hemp, Inc (HEMP), and Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) have seen their market cap enter and exit the hundreds of millions, sustained.  Some others are on the rise like Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. (FITX), Latteno Food Corp. (LATF), Tranzbyte Corporation (ERBB), and Kleangas Energy Technologies, Inc. (KGET). There are even two that have reached the billion, yes billion mark, Advanced Cannabis Solutions, Inc. (CANV), and GW Pharmaceuticals plc (GWPH), who research and development was backed by a multi-billion dollar company Otsuka Holdings Co., Ltd. (OTSKY), that ones the reefer sleeper.

Reefer Stocks Madness Formula; High risk = High reward = High Times.

Ronald Regan selling cigarettes
Gary Cooper selling smoke is a real deal no adds way to study up on marijuana cannabis stocks, catch the latest news on the industry and see some beautiful nuggs. If that's not enough StockPricesNows the other in depth topics include E-cigarette Stocks, Vaporizer Stocks, Tobacco Stocks, Alcohol Stocks, Casino Stocks and Firearm stocks. Basically all the publicly traded items that, well, u get it...
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