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A scheduled public hearing on amendments to the city’s cannabis regulation ordinance was pulled from the agenda ahead of Monday’s City Council meeting.

“Proposed zoning code amendment to the city’s cannabis regulations — public hearing is canceled and will not be discussed,” according to Monday’s agenda.

The City Council voted on Monday to table a public hearing on amendments to the city’s changes to the city’s cannabis ordinance that would shorten the distance dispensaries must maintain from schools, libraries and churches from 1,000 feet to 450 feet and allow more than one dispensary per council district.

The decision to table the hearing came after a request by Councilman John Kennedy.

“This matter affects my district more than any other in the district,” Kennedy said.

According to the original ordinance, only one dispensary could be placed in each City Council district.

Two dispensaries, Atrium and Sweetflower, which did not advance beyond the city’s selection process, applied for conditional use permits in District 3.

If those businesses were allowed back in the process, they could join an additional one resulting in three dispensaries in the district represented by Kennedy.

However, with redistricting on the horizon, those district boundary lines could change,

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