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North Carolina Police Find Guns, 100 Pounds of Marijuana in Daycare Center

A home daycare center in North Carolina has been swept up in a pair of sting operations that netted marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and weapons this week. Police arrested and have filed multiple drug charges against the daycare’s owner and co-operator.

North Carolina Daycare Turns Out To Be A Stash House

Victoria L. Everett and Reshod J. Everett are in jail today on more than $700,000 bond after police found cannabis and other drugs in a residence the pair were operating as a home daycare center.

The daycare center, called Tori’s Playhouse, was the target of a search warrant police executed on Tuesday. Prior to the raid, police learned that the residence on the 1000 block of Ronald Reagan Dr. was a childcare center.

According to police, officers waited to conduct the raid until the daycare center had closed for the day, thus ensuring children were not present when authorities searched the premises.

During the search, police and detectives seized more than one hundred pounds of cannabis. Additionally, they found marijuana edibles and gummies, as well as other drugs. There were also six guns in the house.

Cannabis Prohibition Fuels Illegal Activity In North Carolina

The raid on the Tori’s Playhouse

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Tommy Chong to Jeff Sessions: Instead of Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass, Try Inhaling It

Pot icon Tommy Chong had some choice words for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an appearance with Cheech Marin on the debut episode Cold Cuts with Al Roker. Cheech and Chong were guests on the new online show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the comedy duo’s landmark film Up in Smoke.

While the trio chats and makes sandwiches, the conversation turns to the legalization of marijuana.

“It’s a medicine,” Chong says. “It was a medicine 5,000 years ago in China. And now it’s back being a medicine again.”

“As weed becomes closer to being totally legal, we get more popular,” Cheech says.

After mentioning some benefits of legal pot, Cheech beseeches Sessions to join the movement.

“It can be sold and you get tax money that goes for our schools and our fire departments. Come on, bring it, Jeff!” Cheech exclaims while giving two thumbs up.

Then the show cuts to a clip of Sessions repeating his predictable prohibitionist stance.

“My best view is we don’t need to be legalizing marijuana,” Sessions says.

That’s when Chong offers his advice to the attorney general.

“My message to Jeff Sessions—instead of having smoke blowing up your ass, try inhaling it,” Chong suggests.


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PA’s Auditor General Predicts Legal Pot Would Bring In Over $500 Million a Year

On Thursday, Pennsylvania’s Auditor General announced the release of a report titled “Regulating & Taxing Marijuana” that lays out the advantages of establishing a legal, regulated adult-use cannabis market. The attention-grabbing special report provides data detailing the potential revenue and financial benefits legal weed could bring to Pennsylvania.

PA’s Auditor General Eugene DePasquale Is Seeing Green

Naturally, an auditor general would play up the money-making aspects of legalizing marijuana. And the aesthetics of Eugene DePasquale’s 14-page report certainly suggest he’s seeing green.

On page six, a large, green heading reads “$1.66 billion” to indicate the economic boost PA can expect from legal cannabis. DePasquale’s math is simple.

Using survey data from the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, DePasquale calculated the number of adults who admit to regularly using marijuana in Pennsylvania at just under 800,000 people.

Then, using data from Colorado and Washington, DePasquale estimated Pennsylvania cannabis consumers would spend roughly $2,080 each per year on weed. That adds up to a $1.66 billion industry, should Pennsylvania legalize cannabis for adults.

But that estimate accounts just for sales, and wouldn’t include the economic benefits of job creation, business opportunities, investments and decreased criminal legal system costs.

Furthermore, DePasquale’s report

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7 Marijuana Industry Jobs That Require the Least Experience

The marijuana industry is currently booming, and there’s plenty of jobs available for people who want to work with cannabis. But considering the drug’s been illegal until relatively recently, most people never considered a job working with cannabis and therefore don’t have experience that could be applicable. But there are still plenty of jobs in the industry that don’t require a ton of experience.

Here are seven jobs in the marijuana industry that don’t require a ton of cannabis experience:

1. Budtender

Budtender jobs will vary from company to company. Some dispensaries want very knowledgeable candidates with a lot of experience in the industry. Others will simply want people with good customer service experience who are willing to learn more about marijuana. So depending on the job, you may already be qualified!

– Read the entire article at Civilized.

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Land of Weed and Honey: Locally-Made Edibles Taking a Bite Out of Market

There’s a lot of buzz around a joint venture between two Newfoundland companies that want to bring cannabis-infused honey and honey products to local and global markets.

BeeHighve Inc., based in Corner Brook, will be cultivating the cannabis crop, while G and M Family Farms, near Placentia, will supply the honey.

“So it ranges from pure honey to sauces as well as chocolate and health bars, and everything is organic,” said BeeHighve CEO Rita Hall. “And everything is very healthy for you. We don’t use sugar in our products.”

– Read the entire article at CBC News.

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Cannabis Perfume ‘Set to Become the Scent of the Summer’

Cannabis has become so ubiquitous that its smell is now being bottled and sold as “the scent of the summer” by one of Britain’s biggest perfume retailers.

The Perfume Shop has become the first on the high street to sell Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Men Party Fever, a cannabis themed scent which the shop claims gives the wearer “an edge of risk”.

The controversial fragrance, which comes in a green and blue bottle, retails at £59.99 for 100ml and describes itself as “an energizing potion of vibrant ginger & burning cannabis”.

– Read the entire article at Telegraph.

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Make Cannabis-Based Medicines Legal, Say Uk Drug Advisers

Advisory council’s recommendation may pave way for loosening of laws.

Doctors in the UK should be able to prescribe cannabis-derived medicine, the government’s chief drug advisers have recommended, paving the way for a loosening of the laws governing access to the substance.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has recommended after a review that cannabis-derived medicinal products should be placed in schedule 2 of the misuse of drugs regulations 2001, allowing them to be prescribed by clinicians.

Cannabis is classed as a schedule 1 drug, meaning it is thought to have no therapeutic value and cannot be lawfully possessed or prescribed. It may be used for the purposes of research but a Home Office licence is required.

– Read the entire article at The Guardian.

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Father Who Juiced Cannabis for Sick Daughters Avoids Jail

A father who juiced cannabis to ease the suffering of his two daughters has avoided jail time.

Stephen Taylor’s daughters, Morgan and Ariel, both suffer from the auto-immune disease Crohn’s and have been repeatedly hospitalised.

Mr Taylor began to grow and juice his own cannabis after struggling to find a doctor who would help him through the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) lengthy application process to legally access medical marijuana.

Mr Taylor, who had earlier pleaded guilty in court, was given a six-month good behaviour bond and no conviction was recorded.

– Read the entire article at ABC News.

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North Dakota May Have Recreational Legalization on the November Ballot

Michigan and Utah already have marijuana-law reform initiatives on the ballot in November. North Dakota may just join them.

On July 9, Legalize ND submitted 18,000 signatures (4,500 more than required) to get the North Dakota Marijuana Legalization Initiative on the ballot.

The measure is purposefully vague; it doesn’t call for specific amounts that would be legal or how to create a commercial market for cultivation, processing, testing and sales. That’ll be up to the legislature, says Legalize ND’s Cole Haymond:

“This bill is by far the most progressive yet most conservative marijuana legalization bill that will be on any ballot across the country. We leave our bill wide open so the legislature can do their job—regulations, taxes, zoning, whatever.”

There’s a precedent for such an initiative in North Dakota: In 2016, voters passed Measure 5, which legalized medical marijuana by a 64% margin. That bodes well for recreational legalization in the Peace Garden State.

Possession is currently a misdemeanor punishable by maximums of 30 days in jail and a $1,500 fine. All other marijuana offenses are felonies. In addition to medical marijuana, hemp is legal in North Dakota. The state borders Canada, which has legalized cannabis federally;

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Lebanon Announces Plan to Legalize Medical Marijuana Use and Cultivation

With the economic benefits of cannabis increasingly coming into focus, many countries are considering some form of legalization. Most recently, Lebanon has announced a plan to legalize the use and cultivation of medical marijuana. The move could become an important boost to the country’s struggling economy.

Cannabis Could Lift Lebanon’s Economy

As reported by CNN, Lebanon’s decision to think about legalizing medical marijuana is largely based on economic motives. In particular, officials in the country appear to be taking seriously a recent report created by consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

In that report, McKinsey outlined a number of things Lebanon could do to increase economic activity. Growing and producing medical marijuana was one of these suggestions. The firm said that entering the global medical marijuana industry could be a key to economic growth in Lebanon.

Now, it appears that top officials in Lebanon have voiced support for such a move. In particular, House Speaker Nabih Berri has publicly said he wants to see the country legalize medical marijuana and medical marijuana cultivation.

He then went a step further. He said that the Lebanese parliament is already working on a plan to make it happen. So far, no specific details have been

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