German Government Now Funding Research Into CBD Extracts

The German government is now funding cannabis research on cannabinoid extractions and additives to food. That is a big story. 

However, here is the strange dichotomy at play within the German government. Last month, a federal court remanded a hemp tea seller back to a regional one for being out of spec if not a general nuisance. Yet in April comes the news that a Berlin-based company, Becanex, has received just over a quarter of a million euros from the Central Innovation Programme for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (ZIM) to develop a cannabinoid-containing emulsion for industrial food production. 

That is interesting enough, if not mildly contradictory in a way that is common in the weed biz. It is even more interesting to understand that the federal government program behind this is no less than the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy—which is as about as central to German economic investment in the future as you can get.

It is easy to categorize this development in the big bucket of the times they are a’changing—and at a rather rapid pace. But the cannabiz is not an industry, and will not be one for a long time, where it is possible to treat even hemp

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