Humboldt County Organic Seeds Now In Canadian Soil

CANNABIS CULTURE – Two companies from North America’s cannabis meccas, Humboldt county and British Columbia, have announced a partnership to supply the first organic-certified seeds to Canada.

“We knew we only had one opportunity to bring in what we wanted,” says Rick Gill, CEO of British Columbia-based Nymera. According to Gill, when a company is approved for a license in Canada, on the first day they can bring in genetics from wherever they want with no questions asked. This legal gray area is sometimes called immaculate conception.

Gill went down to California to check out a few large farms and speak with Nathaniel Pennington, CEO of Humboldt Seed Company. Gill says he ended up spending a whole day with Pennington, “I think it was toward the end of the day, and just kind of out of the blue [Pennington] asked ‘would you like to grow our seeds up there?’”

“We are excited to share a piece of Humboldt’s cannabis breeding heritage with the world,” said Ben Lind, Humboldt Seed Company’s Chief Science Officer.

For a lot of cannabis companies, immaculate conception has been crucial to working in legal gray area. “It’s

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