Las Vegas shelter and dispensary offering marijuana safety tips for pets – KTNV Las Vegas

Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas and Cultivate Dispensary have forged a partnership to educate the public about the dangers of marijuana toxicity in pets, and to spread awareness to the community about adoptable pets in need of homes.

Marijuana poisoning in pets most often occurs as a result of oral ingestion (though it can be through inhalation as well) and is more common in dogs who are often attracted to the smell.

Symptoms of toxicity include stumbling, sedation, vomiting, disorientation, sleepiness, agitation, drooling, and more. Pets that have ingested marijuana must be taken to a veterinarian immediately. Treatment usually includes induced vomiting, hospitalization, and IV fluids.

It can take between 24 and 72 hours for a pet to recover.

Prevention is best and Hearts Alive Village offers the following tips to keep your fur babies safe:

– Keep all marijuana, including edibles, inside a cabinet or the refrigerator and away from prying paws

– When you are smoking, put your pets in a well-ventilated area room away from potential inhalation

– Dispose of marijuana cigarette butts in a secure container that pets cannot access

– Advise guests that you have an animal in the house and their marijuana must be kept out of reach as

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