Louisiana Bill, HB 434, To Tax Potential Recreational Cannabis Fails In Congress

Louisianans will likely have to wait at least another year before the state legalizes marijuana, after HB 434 was rejected on Tuesday in the legislature.

Per local television station and news source WDSU, the proposed legislation “would have taxed recreational marijuana if the state ever legalized it,” but the bill was voted down in the state House by a margin of 48-47. WDSU said that the outcome “likely dooms the prospect of legalized marijuana in the state this year,” and “also likely dooms the approval of legalized weed next year, since tax bills cannot be brought up in 2022, as it is not a fiscal session then.”

Under the proposed legislation, HB 434, according to WDSU, the state “would have taxed the sale of marijuana at 50 percent, with half of that going to the state’s general fund and the other half to local governments,” with another 20 percent of the local revenue going to law enforcement. 

Supporters of HB 434 asserted that legalizing recreational marijuana could be a massive windfall for the state, with some projecting as much as $100 million generated in tax revenue annually. 

There is also reason to

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