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Well, it took long enough.

Maybe it’s the mentally draining effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the way every single day of 2020 simply begged for some form of psychoactive escape. Maybe it’s that thousands of people across the state secured medical marijuana licenses as soon as they were available, only to see an entire year pass with no means by which to purchase legal weed in sight. Maybe it’s the fact that, yeah, this really did take a ridiculously long time.

Whatever the case, weed lovers can rejoice: Medical marijuana dispensaries have finally, mercifully, begun opening their doors across Missouri after nearly a year of COVID-related delays. New grand-opening announcements are coming in steadily now, and a whole slew of dispensaries are just awaiting approval from the state to start peddling their wares.

We’ve put together a list of the dispensaries that are, as of press time, currently open and selling weed in the St. Louis area, in order to help you, dear reader, have a very merry 4/20 this year. Have a look at those below, and remember to keep an eye out as more begin to open their doors — this thing is just getting started.


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