Minnesota House Committee Advances HF 600 — The Bill To Legalize Cannabis

Despite the vast opposition it’s getting from the GOP, the Minnesota House of Representatives is moving a measure forward that would legalize recreational cannabis. The bill, titled HF 600, just cleared its ninth House committee this week. 

“A bill that has had to make it through this many committee stops? I can’t think of one,” said DFL House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler about the lengthy journey the bill has been on so far. 

Next up, the plan is to have the full House vote on HF 600 in May, which will mark a historical moment, as this is the furthest a bill of this kind has ever made it in the state. However, there is still concern about the Minnesota Senate, as it is Republican-controlled and has prevented cannabis bills from moving forward in the past. But Winkler is hoping to move forward with support from both sides of the aisle. 

“We are harming people through our prohibition of cannabis, and it is not a legitimate use of the criminal justice system to do that when large majorities of the public think it should be a safe, legal product,” he said.

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