Review: Tommy Chims Smokes Jane Dispensary's Weed – Riverfront Times

The scientologists are not happy about Missouri’s new foray into medicinal marijuana.

An April 18 newsletter sent out by the church-affiliated Citizens Commission on Human Rights of St. Louis, titled “The Proliferation of Weed in Missouri,” makes clear their opposition to the nascent industry. But interestingly, theirs is not the Reefer Madness fears of old that smoking the devil’s lettuce will lead to bouts of criminal insanity and wildly reckless behavior. Instead, the concern seems to be that it will become a tool for those dastardly psychiatrists to use to further ensnare and oppress their patients.

“Cannabis can only chemically mask problems and symptoms, it cannot and never will be able to solve problems,” reads the newsletter in part. “People in desperate circumstances must be provided proper and effective medical care. Medical, not psychiatric, attention, good nutrition, a healthy, safe environment and activity that promotes confidence will do far more than the brutality of psychiatry’s unproven drug treatments.”

Is this hyperbole? Sure. Is it also dangerous nonsense? You betcha. But wait, does anybody really care what the Church of Scientology thinks about cannabis anyway? Nah, not at all. It could make things pretty interesting at the next meeting of the

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