Since legalization 2 years ago, Arkansans have spent $300 million on medical marijuana – KTHV

Since 2019, patients have spent more than $300 million to get 45 thousand pounds of medical marijuana.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Back in May of 2019, the first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Arkansas. Now, two years later, that number has grown to 33.

The medical marijuana demand has exceeded many experts’ expectations. Just within 30 minutes of Little Rock, you have the option of seven different dispensaries. 

Medical Marijuana Commission spokesperson Scott Hardin said while competition heats up, the state is almost to its maximum limit. 

“When Arkansas passed the medical marijuana amendment back in 2016, they approved the authorization of up to 40 dispensaries in the state and up to eight growers in the state,” he said.

Now two years after the first dispensary opened, according to Hardin, the state has issued 38 dispensary licenses and the full limit of eight growers licenses. 

“There’s this ongoing complaint of asking, ‘hey why don’t you issue more dispensary licenses or growers licenses?’” he said.

But Hardin said that can’t happen. Either voters would have to go back to the polls or the legislature would have to take

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