Some of Missouri's medical marijuana dispensaries see a busy 4/20 day – KMBC Kansas City

April 20 or 4/20 is the unofficial marijuana holiday in America. For the first time ever on this day, medical marijuana is legal in Missouri.Some of Missouri’s 80 open medical marijuana dispensaries had a busy day Tuesday.”Yes, I do buy a lot of medical marijuana. I do suffer from clinical depression, severe anxiety. Nothing else works,” said Shawn Shelton.Elizabeth Harmon said she suffers from PTSD.”It absolutely does work. It’s the only thing that helps me out,” Harmon said.Lee’s Summit’s Fresh Green dispensary opened last fall. It had a 4/20 sale to mark the day.Some 93,000 Missourians have medical marijuana cards and have purchased more than $32 million of it.Dispensary owner Rob Sullivan said he sees a range of patients.”They’re true patients that have cancer. I have one completely blind patient,” Sullivan said.The Missouri grown marijuana comes in traditional buds, edibles, even soda. And it is not cheap.”And yeah, you’ll get prices a lot cheaper on the street but there is no comparison between the quality and potency compared to getting it from a medical dispensary,” Shelton said.Eventually, there will be a move in Missouri for recreational legalization of marijuana. perhaps as early as 2022.

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